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Dot io Domain Popularity.

The dot io domain extension has drown quite a lot in popularity over the years. Even though it has been around almost two decades, having come about in 1997, it is the fast few years that it has very much been on the rise. The letters io stand for Indian Ocean. That is why it seems so unusual that so many people from so many differing parts of the world would be interested in the domain extension. First of all, let’s point out that the extension has a cool look to it. Yes having dot io after the name of a business, well, dare i say it looks cute? Or another person would say it looks intelligent. Start ups have been buying dot io because of the terrible lack of availability when it comes to dot com. Dot io is an excellent alternative to creating a funky looking dot com simply because the dot com you wanted is not available.

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When using a dot io, you will discover that customers find it quite easy to remember. It can help a new company stand out better than another too level domain that is less visually attractive. In the world of software and technology, io means input and output. So it is not hard to believe that software geeks and techies would love this domain extension. Whats morevyou can use this extension to make cool domain names of words that already end in io. such as scenario for example.

The selling rights to dot io belong to Internet Computer Bureau. This is a British company, and the government of Great Britain gave these rights to sell during the 1990s. We have no idea how many of these domains are selling each year, nor do we know how much of the revenue is shared with the government, but it is said that a part of each sale is remitted to the Crown Bank. The officers of the company have said they are for profit, but also made it clear that much of that profit is invested back into the company for strength and future growth.

There are many domain investors and speculators that believe .io might possible be the new dot com. One thing is sure, all of the one, two, and three letter domain name possibilities seem to have been sold already. It is true that domain investors that view domain names like real estate, are buying up what is perceived to be the hottest name ideas.

Will dot io be the next dot com? Only time can tell.