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Domain Name Hunting.

An original method of hunting down domain names, was basically to do constant look ups of name concepts, and see if such names has ever been purchased by anyone. Then the technique was, that is the name you hoped to buy was already taken, you would intentionally misspell those names. In other words, create typo driven domain names. If such names were relevant to companies that had a trademarked product that your domain name would help to sell, often those companies would pay a small fortune for the domain name. That ship has sailed away however because these days, patent and trademark laws treat domain names properly, and it is now best to make sure that domain names you create do not step on a trademark that is out there.

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Even though such trademark literal domaining is not longer viable, the most honest and morally correct way to create domains is by using keyword searches. Keyword driven domains bring in a heavy amount of engine search traffic, and webmasters are always on the hunt for such high target type in traffic generating domain names. These are not big wallet spenders, but they do plenty of buy and sell and trade of domain names, and it really is an industry in and of itself.

If you are of the mind set that you want a long term, profit driven domain name buy and sell business, you will need to give some serious thought to watching trends. Trend watching really is a kind of art. The watchers are paying attention to what is going on in society, and developing domain names that will be popular in the future. It is important to not be so thinned out. There are only so many niches you can afford to trend watch with, so pick two or three that you would normally have interest in, and create domain names as you see that change in trend that you have been waiting for. Maybe it’s urban lingo. Maybe it’s a change in makeup, or fashion. Choose some thing you enjoy, and create domains as you anticipate change.

The possibility exists that your niche will be competitive. If that is the case, timing will be most important. Check you info daily as to new technology relative to the niche, or hot, exploding products. You will then need to attack and become the owner of the domains that will be relevant to that change in trend. The idea is to somehow create a real winner with a domain name, because the other names that do not win, will cause you a small loss.

Stay as current as you can, and do not hesitate when the feeling is right. Read for 30 minutes a day, and keep up on your topics.