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Focused Domain Buying.

If one was to look, one would find literally millions of domain names currently registered. There also seems to be endless possibilities for registering combinations of domain names. New extensions come on to the scene, slowly, but quite surely. Dot io, for example, appears to be exploding in a way that has speculators wondering if it may be the new dot com. If you are intent on buying and selling domain names for profit, you would do well to find what interests you, and narrow your focus. It always makes sense to take advantage of your prior knowledge. Putting to good use, that which you are already familiar with, will do you well. Are you a pet expert? Have you sold homes before? Maybe you are a nurse or a teacher by trade. When choosing niches to create domains in, and to invest in with domain names, it’s a good idea to attack niches that you have practical life experience with.
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You must try to think of how your future buyers may feel about what you intend to sell. You have to create or purchase existing domains that will be an obvious asset to your future buyers. For example, if you know of a good landlord related domain that you can buy for $99 online, you must be honest with yourself about whether it would be an item that can sell. This is why it really works to know your niche. If you have real estate experience, you may just have that eye for landlord worthy domain names, and be able to easily double or triple your money.
If you have domain name ideas that you know are hot, but the names you want are taken already, go ahead and check out the aftermarket. Check out go daddy auctions. Use their keyword tools to see if the name you want is available for sale. If you are sure of what you may be able to re sell the name for, it is entirely possible that the name is for sale to you at a price that makes financial sense to you.
The thing to keep in mind regarding this post, is that staying focused on niche criteria that you already have knowledge of, is the correct way to start your hunting for domain names. Niches that you are familiar with will hell you to already know if a possible domain namehas a change of being valued by potential buyers. Take time to read all you can about choosing a niche before creating or buying domain names. Such reading will serve you well.