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Dot io Domain Popularity.

The dot io domain extension has drown quite a lot in popularity over the years. Even though it has been around almost two decades, having come about in 1997, it is the fast few years that it has very much been on the rise. The letters io stand for Indian Ocean. That is why it seems so unusual that so many people from so many differing parts of the world would be interested in the domain extension. First of all, let’s point out that the extension has a cool look to it. Yes having dot io after the name of a business, well, dare i say it looks cute? Or another person would say it looks intelligent. Start ups have been buying dot io because of the terrible lack of availability when it comes to dot com. Dot io is an excellent alternative to creating a funky looking dot com simply because the dot com you wanted is not available.

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When using a dot io, you will discover that customers find it quite easy to remember. It can help a new company stand out better than another too level domain that is less visually attractive. In the world of software and technology, io means input and output. So it is not hard to believe that software geeks and techies would love this domain extension. Whats morevyou can use this extension to make cool domain names of words that already end in io. such as scenario for example.

The selling rights to dot io belong to Internet Computer Bureau. This is a British company, and the government of Great Britain gave these rights to sell during the 1990s. We have no idea how many of these domains are selling each year, nor do we know how much of the revenue is shared with the government, but it is said that a part of each sale is remitted to the Crown Bank. The officers of the company have said they are for profit, but also made it clear that much of that profit is invested back into the company for strength and future growth.

There are many domain investors and speculators that believe .io might possible be the new dot com. One thing is sure, all of the one, two, and three letter domain name possibilities seem to have been sold already. It is true that domain investors that view domain names like real estate, are buying up what is perceived to be the hottest name ideas.

Will dot io be the next dot com? Only time can tell.





Country Code Domains.

Top level domains, or to say it different, the domain name extension, is the part of the domain name that appears after the dot. For example i could say has a top level domain of dot com. The story regarding top level domains, is that choosing the best one possible, can have an enormous impact on how well your website does with search engine rankings. You must make your best decision at day one because once you buy a domain, you cannot make alterations to it. You are essentially stuck unless you purchase a new one all over again. Regarding country code top level domains, these are top domain names that are country specific by having the dot be the initials of a country. For example, any word .us , would be a country code top level domain for the United States. Mostly such a domain would be intended to drive local traffic to the owner of the domain name.

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When thinking of the advantages of a country code domain name, one would see it as an advantage if you were wanting to go after traffic from a specific part of the globe. The thing is. search engines around the world offer differing results which are determined by the IP address of the people that are utilizing the search engine. As the search engine delivers results, you can see that much of the results are of local entities, and they come up on page one. The exception to this rule is dot com. What i am trying to say is, when you do a search from a computer located at Chicago, dot us will com up before dot uk, however dot com dominates both, and that scenario is world wide.

Therefore if you own a local business at Chicago, having a dot us domain name will send traffic to Chicago residents before the search engine would send traffic to a dot uk. Then on top of using a country code to grab traffic, using local business directories would make sense as well. If you are asking yourself, why not just use a dot com? That is easier said than done when you consider how impossible it can be sometimes to buy the dot com you would love to own. Country code domains are purchased every day because dot coms are not available, or a person is really trying to drive home the point regarding local authority in the area of business they are in.

The truth be told, country code domain names offer a wider range of available name possibilities, because dot com, dot net, and dot org, are so heavily bought up already. It can really seem as though the situation is saturated, and the country code domain then becomes more of an attractive option.





Domain Name Forwarding.

Yes it is truly great to have a website with a hot domain name that brings traffic to you without much work. However many people have no idea that domain name forwarding can increase traffic to a site many times over, and is an excellent to for doing just that. It is a technique that is available to the masses, but usually is used only by webmasters. Maybe that is because too many people simply are not aware of it, and that makes for a good article with which to inform website owners. One thing good about domain name forwarding is that it helps people who have buyers remorse regarding their initial domain name choice. Once you buy a name, and build you website, you cannot just go an change your domain name. You would need to start from zero. Yet the way to deal with that is quite easy. Buy the second domain name that you wish you had bought, and direct it to your website.

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Beware of a mistake many people make when they wish to change a domain name on a website. They just buy the new domain, make a new website, and transfer all the content to the new site. This is a problem because search engines may recognize that as content theft because they have already indexed the content for your original website. Be careful. Just buy the new domain name, go to your control panel on your hosting account, and forward that domain name to your existing website. Both your original domain name and the new one will send traffic to your site. Some people use the technique of buying multiple domain names for a niche, and then holding them for awhile. When ready they forward those domains to the site, and then advertise all the domains online.

Here is an idea of how domain name forwarding is done. The procedure at one hosting company is this: Log in to your account manager, then next to domains click on manage, then select which domain names you want to have forwarded, then you click forward, and select the forwarding domains, then click add forwarding, and then select the redirect type.

It would be great if all hosts had the exact same instructions, but it may differ from one host to the next. It is always fine to get yourself some customer service, even if it is just that you email customer service, and they email you back step by step instructions.

Another thing that you must pick up on is URL Redirection. This is not exactly the same as domain name forwarding, but the concept is similar in that you are forwarding a page from a domain name to a different page associated with the same domain. Read up on this, because whenever you transfer content, or decide to re distribute content on a website internally, being well versed in URL redirection, will help you immensely.

Good luck with forwarding, and redirecting, and as always, practice will make you perfect with these concepts.







Domain Name Transfers.

Have you ever needed to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another, but had no idea how to get it done? Maybe you want a better service at a new registrar, or you need to service that your current registrar does not offer. Maybe you had an idea about selling a domain, and needed to transfer registrars to make such a deal happen. No matter what your reasons might be, this post will assist you in knowing how to start the process, and how to follow through with it to a conclusion. It really is not so hard or complicated. It is a straight line process, but does need to be understood, and usually takes a few days to accomplish due to lag time from the registrars them selves.

At the start of the process, you will need to log into your account with the current registrar, and make sure to properly unlock your domain. Domain names that our locked can not be transferred. It is common for domains to be locked because it is an excellent anti theft security measure that helps you avoid having your domains transferred away from you with out your consent. It is not a problem to unlock your domain. This option exists for you when you are in the menu for managing your domain. If you have any problems, customer service will assist you.

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Then you will go to the site of your new registrar and arrange a purchase of the transfer of your domain to the new location. You should receive your authorization codes via email from the new registrar, along with instructions you must follow regarding confirmation of domain name transfer. Then the new registrar is to properly inform the old registrar of the pending transfer of domain name. This is where some time gets eaten up because there is up to five days permitted to conclude the needed back and forth between registrars. Sometimes it takes a few days less, but sometimes all five days are chewed up on the process. The new registrar you have chosen will email you a confirmation of transfer once the process has been completed.

Of there is a website involved, make sure you do all needed back ups just in case something unusual were to happen to the website during the transfer process. It is also possible that your website may be down for a bit during the process, but many times there is no issue whatsoever. Get some sound advice from a webmaster that you work with before hand, or speak to your IT person before you proceed to be certain your website is protected.



Domain Name Hunting.

An original method of hunting down domain names, was basically to do constant look ups of name concepts, and see if such names has ever been purchased by anyone. Then the technique was, that is the name you hoped to buy was already taken, you would intentionally misspell those names. In other words, create typo driven domain names. If such names were relevant to companies that had a trademarked product that your domain name would help to sell, often those companies would pay a small fortune for the domain name. That ship has sailed away however because these days, patent and trademark laws treat domain names properly, and it is now best to make sure that domain names you create do not step on a trademark that is out there.

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Even though such trademark literal domaining is not longer viable, the most honest and morally correct way to create domains is by using keyword searches. Keyword driven domains bring in a heavy amount of engine search traffic, and webmasters are always on the hunt for such high target type in traffic generating domain names. These are not big wallet spenders, but they do plenty of buy and sell and trade of domain names, and it really is an industry in and of itself.

If you are of the mind set that you want a long term, profit driven domain name buy and sell business, you will need to give some serious thought to watching trends. Trend watching really is a kind of art. The watchers are paying attention to what is going on in society, and developing domain names that will be popular in the future. It is important to not be so thinned out. There are only so many niches you can afford to trend watch with, so pick two or three that you would normally have interest in, and create domain names as you see that change in trend that you have been waiting for. Maybe it’s urban lingo. Maybe it’s a change in makeup, or fashion. Choose some thing you enjoy, and create domains as you anticipate change.

The possibility exists that your niche will be competitive. If that is the case, timing will be most important. Check you info daily as to new technology relative to the niche, or hot, exploding products. You will then need to attack and become the owner of the domains that will be relevant to that change in trend. The idea is to somehow create a real winner with a domain name, because the other names that do not win, will cause you a small loss.

Stay as current as you can, and do not hesitate when the feeling is right. Read for 30 minutes a day, and keep up on your topics.