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Focused Domain Buying.

If one was to look, one would find literally millions of domain names currently registered. There also seems to be endless possibilities for registering combinations of domain names. New extensions come on to the scene, slowly, but quite surely. Dot io, for example, appears to be exploding in a way that has speculators wondering if it may be the new dot com. If you are intent on buying and selling domain names for profit, you would do well to find what interests you, and narrow your focus. It always makes sense to take advantage of your prior knowledge. Putting to good use, that which you are already familiar with, will do you well. Are you a pet expert? Have you sold homes before? Maybe you are a nurse or a teacher by trade. When choosing niches to create domains in, and to invest in with domain names, it’s a good idea to attack niches that you have practical life experience with.
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You must try to think of how your future buyers may feel about what you intend to sell. You have to create or purchase existing domains that will be an obvious asset to your future buyers. For example, if you know of a good landlord related domain that you can buy for $99 online, you must be honest with yourself about whether it would be an item that can sell. This is why it really works to know your niche. If you have real estate experience, you may just have that eye for landlord worthy domain names, and be able to easily double or triple your money.
If you have domain name ideas that you know are hot, but the names you want are taken already, go ahead and check out the aftermarket. Check out go daddy auctions. Use their keyword tools to see if the name you want is available for sale. If you are sure of what you may be able to re sell the name for, it is entirely possible that the name is for sale to you at a price that makes financial sense to you.
The thing to keep in mind regarding this post, is that staying focused on niche criteria that you already have knowledge of, is the correct way to start your hunting for domain names. Niches that you are familiar with will hell you to already know if a possible domain namehas a change of being valued by potential buyers. Take time to read all you can about choosing a niche before creating or buying domain names. Such reading will serve you well.

Buying, Selling Domains.

When we consider population growth, we must consider teens, and twenty somethings. Each year millions of kids become eighteen, and millions of twenty year old, become twenty one. The world of domain names is just as affected by kids becoming young adults, as any other industry is. The domain name industry is vibrant, very competitive, and always experiencing growth. It should come as no shock to any one that so many new people get in to the buying and selling of such domain names every day. However we must keep in mind that there is a learning curve to this industry just as with any other. There is so much speculation needed when entering this arena, and one must contemplate buying domains just to sell, or buying domains, creating a website, and then flipping the site altogether.
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Even though both techniques are money makers for many, this post will be about buying and selling domain names without websites. Learn this,and the other gets learned easy. The truth is buying a domain name is easy as pie. The challenge is in finding a domain name with value, and managing to flip that name for a sweet profit. The important thing about domain names is that they be instantly remembered, and then they have to be able to be proven to be keyword valuable. An easy way to put your hands on a valuable domain name, is to go to an auction site, and buy a domain name that has already been search engine optimized for traffic, and buy that name at a good price. Recently expired domains have backlinks. This is quite important to the person you will sell it to, because those backlinks offer instant SEO strengths and possible instant traffic to the new website that gets built.
Webmasters use keyword research tools when wanting to determine potential value of a domain name, and so should you. Having a good domain name with a proven to be popular keyword, that is when selling the domain becomes more promising. You need to think in terms of website names. You should always ask yourself, is the domain name i want to buy and flip worthy of being a cool name for a website? Once that hurdle is cleared, it becomes a challenge, because now you must connect your domain name to an actual buyer. You need to aggressively make use of auction site, and forums, as well as social media, to make the sale happen. Using a forum devoted to the niche that your domain name represents, is a great way to create a sale.

Advertising on webmaster forums is also a great idea because those are the people that make websites for their customers. Many of their customers are not domain name savy, and need their webmaster to obtain a suitable domain name for the website creation project. Regarding auction site, they are quite dense with competitors. I suggest Sedo. or another domain name specific auction site to list with instead of a site dense with domains that have websites on them already.

Last but not least, always read what you can on the subject. Website like mine are great for guidance and direction, but you must get educated further, to make the cash.




Appraising Domain Names.

The almighty URL. The domain names that make the internet tick. A website is not quite a website without its domain name. If there were no domain names, people would be required to type in the IP address in to a browser in an effort to communicate. That would be a modern day nightmare. Domain names were developed to prevent such nightmares from occurring, and are now a seriously integral aspect of the function of the internet. Good domain names are easy to recall from our mind’s memory. The same cannot be said for trying to recall IP addresses. So, gaining an understanding of the basic premise regarding domain names is quite easy, however the difficulty in the buying and selling of domain names is party caused by how hard it can be to define the value of a domain name. This post will touch on that dilemma, and hopefully assist the reader in taking the first steps towards being proficient at domain appraisal.
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One normally sees three factors relative to the appraised value of a domain name. Keyword and SEO marketability of the domain is one. How easy can the domain name be recalled is two. Then what is the value of the corresponding website if the domain has a website attached to it. It is known that the shorter the length of the domain name, the higher the value. The logic behind this is that the less characters to a domain name, the easier it is to remember. Having memorable domain names makes a website automatically easy to recall, and type into a search engine. Also it is understood that shorter named domains are easier to type from a keypad. Domain names less than six letters in length are hard to buy these days from a registrar. They seem to have been all bought up already. When you find one, it’s usually too expensive to buy.
One word domains are also very hard to create. Seems like most of the dictionary is gone already. Shorter, two word domains seem to be the way to go now, and have risen in popularity basically out of need.
So when trying to value a domain name, one word is best, two words then. Make sure of the keyword value, and easy to remember quality of it. Then here are two online appraisal services that may help you valuate a name. Estibot is quite popular, but seems to low ball the value. Domain Index is popular, but seems to over value a lot. Check them out. Look into both, and read more on the topic, and you will be own your way to being good at pricing what you want. Spend some time looking at info and stats of what sold when and for how much. Estibot, at the bottom of the screen of each appraisal you do, gives you a list of similar names and when and for how much they sold for. Also do not be shy to google recent domain name sales stats.